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A Fake Sequel to the Bourne Series - Hitman 0

Agent 47 is nothing but the Bourne Wannabe.
But the mission completely failed.
Please dooooooon’t do it again!

Their Attitude Dealt with Terrorism - The Kingdom 0

I have neither seen any trailer nor read any synopsis about the Kingdom. I just knew that it’s about the Middle East. From the start I was getting irritated at the director, actors and actress, and the film itself. Resentfully and unwittingly I said “What a Bitch” when Jennifer Garner gave a Muslim girl a candy. The anger finally soared at the last line of Jamie Foxx and a Muslim girl.

Fleury: I said we were going to kill them all [anti-American].
A Muslim Girl: [Abu Hamza said] Don’t worry. We’re going to kill them all [the oppressing or the haves].

I believe that each rationale for both of them is very different from the origin. But Peter Berg tried to dilute murder with justice or vice versa.

The Kingdom is a fake or a bullshit. Peter Berg doesn’t show any political belief or an ideology in his film. Even worse, he seems not to have intelligence at all. He’s eaten up with the American supremacy. Without doubt, therefore, he doesn’t have to insulate people to follow the American Imperialism, Pax Americana or whatever you want to call. He explicitly keeps shouting at us through this film how you dare to make any resistance against ABSOLUTE POWER of AMERICA. It is natural that he doesn’t allow Abu Hamza a second to have a chance to explain his excuses. What can you expect from Colonel Faris Al Ghazi who made a decision to become a policeman after watching the green beast, Hulk?

Faris: When we find this people [Abu Hamza], I did not care to ask them a question. I want to kill them.

It is so painful when Faris is depicted as an ignorant justice keeper. He may believe in the attitude of “Once an Evil, Always an Evil. It can’t have any excuses at all”. This is exactly what Peter Berg representing American Imperialism would like to tell us through the [American] Kingdom. Unfortunately, however, we know that America is not perfect but you are good in propaganda.

Lord’s Prayer 0

Our capital, which art in the West,
Amortized be thy investments.
Thy profits come.
Thy interest rates rise,
in Wall Street as they do in Europe.
Give us this day our daily turnover.
And extend to us our credits,
As we extend them to our debtors.
Lead us not into bankruptcy,
But deliver us from trade unions.
For thine is half the world, the power and riches,
for the last two hundred years.

우리의 자본이시여,
서방 세계에서 이름을 거룩히 여김을 받으시오며,
투자가 임하옵시며,
유럽에서 그랬던 것처럼 월 스트리트에서도
이익을 내고 이윤을 증가시켜 주옵소서.
우리에게 일용할 자본의 회전을 주옵시고,
우리가 우리의 채권자들에게 신용을 베푸는 것처럼
우리의 신용을 늘리게 하옵소서.
우리를 파산하지 않도록 하옵시고,
노동조합의 위험에 들지 않게 하옵소서.
지난 200년 동안 이 세계의 절반은 권세 있는 자들과
부유한 자들의 것이었사옵니다.

Excerpt from “1968: Marching In The Streets” (p. 60)

English is … 2

Just like a conversation with B and D at Cream, English can neither be an international language for all the people in the planet nor a yardstick to measure one’s intellectuality or stupidity. Please keep it in mind that English is just an instrument to communicate to each other. Nothing more than that.

Practice Matters 0

Knowledge is practice. There is nothing extraordinary about the knowledge stored up only in brain as compared with the junk foods being spoiled in the refrigerator.

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