Changeling … The City of Lost Hope 0

Christine Collins: Three boys tried to escape that night, and if one boy got away then maybe one or both of the other two escaped too. Maybe he’s out there somewhere, afraid to tell the truth, afraid of what will happen to him or to me. But one thing I know is that boy gave me something I didn’t have before.
Detective Lester Ybarra: What’s that?
Christine Collins: Hope.

Do I have still the hope that Mrs. Collins sought for? The hope that will lead me out of the hopeless labyrinth downwards? Не знаю.

Sleepless in the Republic of Korea 0

In five years the construction of a canal will cut our land into two. And I’m sure that Mr. Lee is going to privatize all the public enterprises, such as water, electricity, insurance, gas, highway and so on. I dare to say that he is the one who can willingly sell my country for his self-interest. Due to the fucking rat out of the Blue House, moreover, the fear of cow eat cow prevails in the whole country and Korea is turning into a dog eat dog world.

Mr. Lee and his government are out of control now. Mr. Lee’s insane policy to import poisonous beef from the United States has instigated us to congregate together, light candles, and march in the street for 25 days. His government and many media still controlled by him would posit people in the street as reds or anti-government forces. The government has arrested and interrogated hundreds of people to find out wirepuller, whom we don’t have. However, we know that it is the rat out of the Blue House that leads us to march in the street with candle light in one hand and paper in the other in order to prevent pest from spreading in the whole country. We are not as stupid as Mr. Lee and his government. We are smart enough to see what is right and what is wrong or what we must do and what we must not do.

To mislead us into breaking up the original intention to protect our right from the bastard, his government and some media are also asserting that anti-American feelings will soar among Korean very soon. However, what we are angry at is not the U.S. government but his policies only beneficial to him and the haves. That is why we are shouting desperately for his impeachment, even bleeding in the street. The armed police in the street of Seoul kicked the unarmed marching people, beat them with shields and sticks, and shot the high pressure water right into them. Nevertheless, many Korean still don’t know what is happening in Seoul because the rat is controlling most of media to make us blind, deaf, dumb, and numb.

Just like people in the street, our democracy is seriously attacked, blemished, and ruined by the bastard. We want to keep our land and restore our democracy that we attained from a military dictatorship. While I watched the live broadcasting of protest every night, I have been ashamed of the fact that I was a coward agitator only gaggling on the critical awareness. And I also felt the unbearable patriotism for the first time, which led me to the street of Seoul Last Friday. I lighted my candle at the Daejeon Station again. I’m still ashamed, tired, and enraged. But I’m not scared. I’m very proud of people who are struggling against water-cannons, violent police, and silent media in the street now.

I couldn’t hesitate any more to reveal Mr. Lee’s arrogant, disgusting, and threatening machinations. I uploaded the video that I made at YouTube. The picture quality is not that good. Please distribute the url ( to your acquaintances if you think it is worthwhile.

The great end of life is not knowledge but action, as Huxley mentioned. For this, I will keep my light on until we get back our democracy.

Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window 0

The headmaster deplored contemporary education, with its emphasis on the written word, which tended to atrophy a child’s sensual perception of nature and intuitive receptiveness to the still small voice of God, which is inspiration.

It was the poet Basho who wrote:

Listen! a frog
Jumping into the silence
Of an ancient pond

Yet the phenomenon of a frog jumping into a pond must have been seen by many others. Down through the ages and in the whole world, Watt and Newton cannot have been the only ones to notice the steam from a boiling kettle or observe an apple fall.

Having eyes, but not seeing beauty; having ears, but not hearing music; having minds, but not perceiving truth; having hearts that are never moved and therefore never set on fire. These are the things to fear, said the headmaster. (pp. 79-81)

Loser 0

왜 한글번역본에서는 “loser”를 “문제아”라고 번역했는지 모르겠다. loser의 사전적인 의미도 문제아라기 보다는 패배자에 더 가깝고, Donald Zinkoff도 문제아는 아닌데 말이다.

Oliver in Hollywood - August Rush 0

“올리버 트위스트”의 헐리우드식 해석이다. 지나치게 작위적이고 신파적이다. 볼 가치도 없다.

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