Shark Tale: The Return to the Disney

Shark Tale is filled with a series of parodies of media. It is somewhat fun to listen to sharks’ humming of “Jaws” theme song. But the unpleasant thing in Reef City is that there isn’t anything about sarcasm of the society and the media. The attacks at Disney have suddenly disappeared behind tales of fishes. Look at Angie and Lora! Angie is the traditional image of woman in Disney animation, hollywood movies, or thousands of fairy tales, even though she does not love a black prince but poor Oscar who washes whales. Nevertheless, she is always ready to be loved. Also, Lora is described as the conventional bitch in TV shows who woos away other girl’s boyfriend. (Why do a girl always have to be the enemy of her own genders in order to belong to a man?) As always, in Shark Tale, the girls cause some troubles, which are settled by the boys. In addition, boys fight for the justice, peace, or something big, tremendous, while girls fight for the boys. I don’t know where all bitter sarcasm of Shrek has gone in Shark Tale. If DreamWorks’ strategy is to make only money, it is surely successful. But Shark Tale is a failure in that it distorts the real world under the sea, viewing it from eyes of human beings. I don’t believe that at least fishes discriminate their own species just like the world outside the sea.

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