Put Ourselves Into Their Shoes!

I had believed that native Africans were the barbarous people, watching “Tarzan” before teen. And “The Gods Must Be Crazy” (also known as “부시맨” in Korea) has reminded me of the most uncivilized, foolish people in the world. In my consciousness, they are in the opposite side of the civilization all the time. This is the extremely disgusting ideology manufactured by the so-called western civilization, the ideology which has affected me in various ways till now. Moreover it also has incurred the absolute fantasy for westernization, which unconsciously leaded to have inferiority complex toward my own civilization.

I was so appalled after I saw the 30-second long television ads of Kyochon Chicken. Obviously the producer tries to tell people that Kyochon is the most delicious chicken maker. However, its racism was so uncomfortable and even horrible. In the ads, the young (Asian enlightenment) magician enlightens Africans, using just chicken and hoax just like old Europeans. Moreover they are depicted as “men-eater” in this ads. A few months ago, all Korean criticized China’s alleged attempts to distort the history of Goguryo. Yesterday, Winfrey is criticized for her announcement of Korean women’s plastic surgery fever. Do we deserve to criticize them, after some people such as Kyochon lead to distort people’s history in Africa, making politically, historically, and anthropologically wrong ads.

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