Define Culture! part 2

Their physiology manufactures culture. They would plant the virus in their products and people, the virus which can make people addictive physically or ideolgically. Ironically, funny, and kindly(?), they also produce the antibiotic, another virus, for people to get out of the addiction. But people usually are addicted to it, too. It circulates on and on, maintaining their status of hierarchial society.

The day after writing of Samsung’s culture, which alleged that they creates the ridiculous culture, I heard of some disgusting stories of Samsung. One says that they have been running of the biggest public bathhouse (Caribbean Bay) in the world, deceiving people into believeing that they are in the greatest swimming pool. The other says that they just purchased a village in 경상북도, paying big money to construct the private arboretum, a village where is immediately deserted. Now I surely understand what culture is produced for whom. They are exploiting people, wielding power, and finally manufacturing unethical business and economic ethics in order only to earn money and keep their hegemony. They do anything for their benefits to the extent that one culture is disappeared in a day. This is the “Crazy, Dangerous Thing called Culture” by the Big Corporation.

According to Chomsky, Jefferson clearly recognzed “the quite obvious contradiction between democracy and capitalism.” Chomsky also mentioned that “[t]his fundamental contradiction was enhanced as new corporation structures were granted increasing powers” in “Chomsky on Miseducation.” Democracy cannot be compatible with Capitalism. Nevertheless, what makes us not disdain and not criticize their culture - ideology, while political tyrants are easily denounced?

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