- Megan Lehmann, New York Post

It can never be a good idea to see movies outside of my town. I had to be on the waiting list for about 30 minutes before getting a ticket of this ridiculous flick, “The Chronicles of Riddick.” I also had seen scores of people standing in line to eat at Outback in the mall at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. In order to survive in the congested city, it is not optional but compulsory to make a reservation, if you don’t have any connections. Anyway I chose to see “The Chronicles of Riddick.” It was the only alternative not to waste time in wandering around the mall. What is more, the deceitful rave of newspaper wheedled me into buying tickets without doubt. Damn it! I was an idiot. It was actually time-consuming. It was truly “Riddick-ulous” as Lehmann of New York Post panned. It is a vain effort to spend time writing about this flick, I believe. I absolutely recommend you not to see it. And I now know that sometimes it can be good to ramble around with some time to spare.

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