Forget about Erin! - Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton: I am not the enemy.
Arthur Edens: Then who are you?

It is worthwhile to see Michael Clayton in that it shows a human being suffering in his/her life, not a hero judging the world. You will be disappointed if you expect that you can meet Erin Brockovich in Michael Clayton. Ironically, Michael is more appealing and valuable than Erin even though Brockovich is based on the true story and Clayton is not. He is not brave enough to fight against the enemy. And I don’t think that he honestly fights for the justice or the truth. But for the retaliation. Just like you and me. It makes Michael Clayton more realistic and attractive, I believe. As you know, we can blame somebody for something but hardly fight against it. Staring at us in the cab, Clayton may want to ask us, “I’m ashamed of myself. But what can you do if you were me?”

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