Steinberg + Kincheloe

Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Kincheloe visited in Korea last Saturday. They will stay here for 4 weeks, giving 12 lectures (each three and half hours) on “Media Literacy.” Their lectures? Hmmm… The first day of her lecture. It was great except for the man’s lies that he used to tell all the time. (He really really really likes to say that “… STRONGLY RECOMMENDED …” He even strongly recommended a professor, who said to students “Fuck You.”) For whom does he do that? Definetely not for students but for himself. Last summer he almost threatened me to take the summer course, telling that it’s going to be required next year and strongly recommended. But “The Quantitative Research” was the terrible course and it caused me to miss much more important course, The Qualitative Research. The instructor, his friend, took money from me without teaching enough both in quality and in quantity. The man doesn’t deserve to teach “CRITICAL PEDAGOGY.” Damn it! He is the man who knows all about the rules of game, business, such as how to sell, whom to sell, and what to sell. O.K. I’ll stop condemning the man any more.

The Second day of her lecture. It went downhill. I spent all the time at the shopping mall with my classmates. I don’t think it was good enough because we could do it after class or on weekends to save her time and our precious time. Students already paid a lot of money for Mr. and Mrs. Kincheloe. They didn’t pay their dollars, which they painfully earned from capitalitic labor, for the Kincheloe’s trip to Disneyland in Tokyo. They must take only two and half hours’ worth of paycheck and the rest of them must be given back to students. It is unfair to have all of them without working full-time. They must not take a trip to Japan for their wedding anniversary (and their research which was their excuse), without teaching for three days. They can go there after finishing lectures in Korea. Why now in the middle of the course? I am also pretty sure that they will not make up for missing lectures. They just reminds me of imperialistically privileged upper middle class white people, whom finally succeeded to ascend from hillbilly and whom Korean must be servile to. Whatever and however they make an argument on races, classes, ideoogy or whatever, it just sounds bullshit. Dr. Kincheloe is just a normal southerner who drinks Coke, while attacking McDonald’s.

However I really respect their theories on hegemony and Bricolage, multilogicality. I am really impressed by their assertions about the America’s Imperialism which Koreans including me easily don’t realize. I certainly believe that they will provide and encourage me with the critical consciousness in their upcoming lectures. But I want to say to two doctors, “Please please please please please, just act on what you say, even though there are many bootlickers, especially including the man and some of his dumber groupies, around you in here Korea.”

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