The Emperor’s New Clothes

On the day President No was released from his unlocked domicile, he was so puffed up with the overruling of impeachment. He even compared his unworthy comeback to the resurrection of the Christ. It was the most absurd analogy he has ever forced. But it is not surprising, looking back his ridiculous speeches.

I remember his speech that he hoped to be a president like Lincoln, who was a poor, uneducated lawyer but the most loved American President. (I certainly believe that his greatness is a fake. I don’t trust it in two reasons - (1) he was a politician and (2) he was an American. Aren’t they enough?) I don’t know what aspects of Lincoln he respects. Anyway I have failed to find anything of Lincoln’s fabricated virtues from No’s behaviors. His words and deeds are exactly same as those of Bush, an obvious punk. He should have remained poor and uneducated.

I expected him to make unfair Korean-American relations straight when I supported him. However he is getting much worse than I expected. He is a trained, expert liar. He may want us to believe his moronic bullshits. But at this time he knows that my compatriots would not believe his sophistry. That is why he had not shown up on mass media for a week after last week’s address on the nation, and just acting like the emperor in new clothes in Andersen’s fairy tales. He might decide to be a dumb leader rather than to be a first President impeached twice. Please be a man. Don’t act like Bush, Mr. President!

In his last week’s address, President said, “We cannot allow anything to be won through terrorism.” How? He already sent two non-armored units for peace, which are construction and engineering units and medical aid units. But they have not contributed to peace in Iraq at all. Then what he really wants to say is to send the armored units to fight and revenge. McGannon says that leadership is action, not position. But President No’s dogmatic actions are rambling, not knowing where to go. He just takes much pains to stick to hold the foremost position. His new Prime Minister may teach him how to survive people’s distrust because he already learned all about the secrets after his failed education policy.

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